Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anacortes Waterfront Festival - Quick & Dirty Boat Building Contest

American Tug team competes in the Quick & Dirty Boat Building Contest!  

Kurt, Eric and Bill - Team American Tug!

The Quick & Dirty Boat Building Contest is a wonderful event held annually at the Anacortes Waterfront Festival.  Teams come from the local marine industry or marine trade schools and build the best boat they can in 5-hours with a limited amount of resources; 4-sheets 1/4" plywood, 6ea 2x4's, 50 zip ties, 100ea screws, 2ea tubes quick dry caulk and this years secret item, a bamboo tree.  Points were given for returning unused supplies, the guys only needed 2-sheets of their plywood.

After building the boats they are judged by a panel, a peoples choice judging and then the big race.  The American Tug entry was a really nice boat with many traditional details.  Do you spot the bamboo?

A fast start by Kurt & Bill

Foul!!  Being hit by another local boat builders entry

A strong finish... But I don't think American Tug will be introducing this new model anytime soon.  The American Tug entry won the Best Design and Best Construction categories.

Looks like fun to mess around with boats.  Good job guys!