Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip Plan: Crossing Dixon Entrance and into Alaska!

Prince Rupert to Foggy Bay, across Dixon Entrance and back into the USA.  50 miles

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Crossing Dixon Entrance is much like rounding Cape Caution.  You are exposed to the big Pacific and need to do a bit of research on the weather prior to heading out.  We will access the internet in Prince Rupert and do our diligence.  We will make this leg when the weather permits.

Foggy Bay is on the US side of the line, Dundas Island is on the Canadian side.  Both make a good half-way stop on the road to Ketchikan.   Weather permitting Ketchikan can also be had in a single day, this would be a long one at about 75-miles with an ocean leg.

US Customs will allow anchoring in Foggy Bay prior to "clearing", but you must let them know in advance and be on "the list".  Clearance is made in Ketchikan.  I hope Cindy reminds me to call them prior to departing Prince Rupert...