Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip Plan: Grenville Channel to Prince Rupert

East Inlet to Prince Rupert, BC:  57 miles

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Prince Rupert is a town of 13,000 and is the hub of British Columbia's north coast.  Like most towns on the west coast at one time it vowed to be the terminus of a railroad.  It is the third deepest port in the world.  Mining, fishing, forest products and now the cruise ship industry sustain it. 

I just read that there is a Safeway store just two-blocks from the marina.  Fresh veggies!  I bet that I walk to that store more than once.  We are planning to bring a couple of small backpacks as the "walk to the store" is the norm in most of these towns.  A chance to stretch the legs will be most welcome.

The USA/Canada border is just north of Prince Rupert.  This town is the Canadian Customs entry point for southbound cruisers.