Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip Plan: Getting around the corner

Day 6, maybe 7, possibly 8)  Picking a nice day for an exposed passage: 53 miles

Click on the chart to see it full size

It is only 53 miles from comfortable Port Hardy to safe Fury Island Cove on Penrose Island.  For most boats and boaters it might as well be a million, as this will be the road less traveled.  Getting around Cape Caution and making way beyond the north tip of Vancouver Island exposes one to Queen Charlotte Sound and the Pacific Ocean.  There are only two parts of the Inside Passage from Olympia to Alaska that are exposed, and they are each about 40 mile stretches.  That is why this 800 mile run is called the "Inside Passage" as 90% IS protected. 

The American Tugs were designed for this trip.  They are tough boats and make a stable platform for playing in the ocean.  I could not be happier or feel safer knowing that we will be aboard Cinnamon Girl for this leg.

Cindy & I will be patient, get the latest weather data and make an informed decision.  I am told that Bob Hale has written a good article on how to do this section comfortably in The Waggoner Cruising Guide.  We will read that a couple of times...then off we will go!