Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip Plan: Navigating through Yaculta & Dent rapids

Day 3 - May 29)  Cortes Bay to Blind Channel via Big Bay!   41 miles

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I love Desolation Sound.  It will pain me to pass right on thru this area without exploring it further, but we will be sliding out of the narrow entrance of Cortes Bay and moving north early. 

Slack tide at Yaculta and Dent rapids is the key to this leg.  We want to be there when the water is calm, as three hours later it will be boiling and not navigable.  Our slack is at 9AM on May 29th.

Blind Channel is a very nice resort with a restaraunt, fuel, supplies, and a great hike on their nature trail.  We will have an early night as the next day will come very early...