Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip Plan: Preparing for Cape Caution

Day 5 - May 31)  Echo Bay to Port McNeill and then to Port Hardy:  47 miles

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Day five is the last day that I will assign a date, May 31.  June will be all about watching the weather and making wise decisions, and really about discovering new places, things and making new friends.  From here forward we are going to be flexible.  On Day five Cindy & I will cross a threshold to places we have never been before.  We have cruised the Broughtons a couple of times previously and really love this area.  But we have not been past Port McNeill.   New water for us!

We plan to reprovision in Port McNeill or Port Hardy.  We are going to top up the tank, put some veggies and groceries on the boat.  I bet we hit a hardware store and maybe a tackle shop.  Port Hardy is "the end of the road" and the last large grocery store for a while.

We will be looking for an internet connection in town and will download weather, take a look at the offshore buoy data and get a good handle on making our way around Cape Caution safely and comfortably.   Check this blog for an update on our progress on the evening of May 31st, hopefully we will have a forecast for you.   Steve