Monday, June 13, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Exiting the Fjords and turning north.

Day 16:  Short Bay and around the corner to Meyers Chuck.  56-miles

After the disappointment of not seeing any bears on the beach at 4am, I returned to the rack and slept in.  If the bears can miss low tide, then so can I.  Cindy made pancakes for breakfast.  A leisurely morning aboard Cinnamon Girl at Short Bay.  Maybe it was the sound of the river or all the birds, but we were content to stay tied to the mooring and relax.  I also knew that if low tide was 4am, than high tide was around 10am and I wanted that extra current shove down Western Behm Canal.

Exiting Short Bay and back into the Fjords.

We fished at Point Francis,  trolling with the other boats.  We did not see anyone net a fish, my record stays intact!

Cindy yelled "Whale" and the downriggers came up fast.  A humpback was making his way past the point, our first whale sighting of the trip.  It is always exciting to see these fantastic creatures.

Humpback off Point Francis.  Eastern Behm Canal.

Waiting for the whale to come back up.

Meyers Chuck is a cool place.  We tied to their community dock.  There is a "public" trail that I would like to explore, hopefully Cinnamon Girl will be back later in the week.  Meyers Chuck might be described as a weekend vacation community for Ketchikan residents with a few full timers.  There are about 50-cabins and a post office that only picks up on Tuesdays.  I like it.

Downtown Meyers Chuck.  At the head of the nice community dock.

The Post Office. 

 Cutting logs into lumber.  Fishing & Logging are Alaska industries.

Pickup is every Tuesday at 10am. 

I wonder if it still takes a dime?  Look closely for the bird nest on top of the phone.

Near sunset.  Looking north, protected by a reef in the background.

Cinnamon Girl with a nice west view.

The community dock.  Plenty of space and very protected.