Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Goofing off around Shoal Harbour

Day 5:  Gone fishin' - 0 miles (we covered 10 miles in the dinghies)

Tuesday morning was gorgeous in Shoal Harbour.  I woke early to listen to the marine weather report and decide if we should take Cinnamon Girl and make tracks for Cape Caution, or if we should hold tight and relax.  Good news...the nice weather pattern looks stable.  We chose to goof off. 

Sam in his dinghy putting out the crab pots.  Click for full size picture.

Bill at Lagoon Cove told us the halibut were biting and Pierre gave us some octopus for bait.  We loaded up both dinghies and went around the corner to try our hand at halibut fishing.  In the past Diane had caught a 135-pounder so I figured we were in good company.

Cindy with the large halibut rod and a bigger smile.

Sam trying his luck

The water was like glass.  72-degrees and blue skies!

Ok, so we did not catch any fish.  In fairness we had no idea where to go.  Later Sam & Diane met a local and he marked all the good spots on their chart, they are going back into the Broughton's for week and I have high expectations for them.  I know they are lucky crabbers!

Sam and and a few of his victims

Years ago I read the book Full Moon Flood Tide by Billy Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuck.  It tells of Billy's life in the Broughton Island area, it is a good read and really gives one a great perspective on this area.  He was a logger and a fisherman and has always lived in the Broughton Islands.  Billy Proctor now operates a small museum around the corner from Echo Bay.   A few years ago when we cruised this area we missed the museum, this year I wanted to meet Mr. Proctor and shake his hand. 

Billy Proctor and his dog Goldie in front of  the museum at Echo Bay

Mr. Proctor is a great storyteller.   He showed Cindy & I the museum and spent nearly an hour with us.  He has just built a "hand loggers cabin" that is an exact replica of what a logger would have lived in; it is a cedar shack roughly 10' x 10' with a small wood stove and a bunk.  It is furnished with many of his own possessions.  He did a great job on the exhibit.  Be sure to go meet Billy as he is the best part of the museum.

The American Tugs in Shoal Harbour, no cell phones work here...

The new pot is lucky!!

Cleaning the crab.  It was a wise choice to take a lay day and relax.