Monday, June 13, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Misty Fjords National Monument

Day 14:  Ketchikan to Manzanita Bay, Misty Fjords National Monument.  50 miles

After strolling quiet Ketchikan last night, we woke to a new bustling city that had tripled in population, the cruise ships were in town!  From sleepy frontier town to tourist trap.  I needed an Alaska Fishing License and some bait so we braved the mean streets and found a cool shop; The Tongass Trading Company. Now before you shut me down in horror, as the main floor is where the cruise ship guests go for moose hats (see yesterdays post) and canned salmon snacks, the place is like Ketchikan as it transforms itself.  The upstairs is a really great sporting goods shop with serious gear.  I am confident that you could find Extratuff boots for your entire family here, as well as plentiful fishing tackle. We were able to get on the water by lunchtime.

The "Monsterdam" leaving Ketchikan, three others behind her.

Off to Misty Fjords National Monument.  This was my goal for the trip, as I have wanted to cruise in the Fjords ever since reading about it.  Wow!  Like an Alaska sized Yosemite for boats.  New Eddystone Rock...amazing.  Rudeyerd Bay & the Punchbowl...incredible.

New Eddystone Rock, named by Capt. Vancouver.  Click for larger.

Everywhere you look it is breathtaking; huge granite walls, snow capped mountains, emerald green water, more waterfalls.  The sun and mist were battling for supremacy on the day we entered,  it is properly named!  This should be on the top-ten list of places to take your new American Tug  (call me and I can help you get set up with the proper boat!).

Rudeyerd Bay Granite Walls & waterfall.  Click for larger.

The Punchbowl with a single Forest Service mooring buoy at far end

More waterfalls.  They are everywhere and spectacular.

We anchored in Manzanita Bay, on the western shore, a few miles beyond the New Eddystone.   We were the only boat, in fact we only saw one other boat in all of Eastern Behm Canal and he was tied to the Forest Service Buoy in Punchbowl...I wanted that buoy!  In nearly 80-miles of cruising a National Treasure we only saw one boat, that alone is reason to come here.

Manzanita Bay at sunset.   We were the only boat for miles.

Another great day on the water.