Monday, June 13, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Misty Fjords National Monument & upper Behm Canal.

Day 15:  Manzanita Bay to Short Bay.  Second day in Misty Fjords.  40-miles

Manzanita Bay was great.  Spent the night at the head of the bay anchored in 90-feet of water with good holding.  Slept fantastic.  We were the only boat for miles.  Silent.

Cindy at the wheel.  She is a great skipper.

We spent the morning halibut fishing in Manzanita.  We motored to the center of the bay, idled "Oly" and drifted in 140-feet of water while I bounced the halibut rig off the bottom.  The halibut were safe once again!

Walker Bay, Misty Fjords National Monument.  Click for larger picture.

I had it on good authority that nearly anyone could catch a salmon in Behm Narrows at slack water.   We started motoring that way at Noon and timed our arrival at the east end for 20-minutes before slack, as I needed to sort out the downriggers.  The Narrows begin at the edge of the "no salmon fishing" zone, Alaska does not allow salmon fishing in Eastern Behm Canal, so there should be plenty here.  Cinnamon Girl's marine gear is fitted with Volvo's electronic trolling valve, so we can really slow her down.  Nothing...   That is probably the reason we were the only boat there.  It is an absolutely beautiful place and the old expression "a bad day fishing is bettter than a good day doing anything else" proved itself very true. 

Behm Narrows, upper Behm Canal.  We are the only boat around.

We tied to the Forest Service buoy at the head of Short Bay.  This may be the greenest place I have ever been.  The water is green, the shore is all trees, the head of the bay is green grass.  The best part was the sound, where Manzanita was silent, Short Bay sounds like nature.  The river pouring into its head, the small birds, geese quacking, Eagles calling, and all while a harbor seal circled the boat.  Oh, and they have crab here, big crab.   Tom Nelson told me that he once counted 21-bears on the beach here when the pink salmon were running.   Cindy & I need to come back and see that! 

Short Bay, the "sounds of nature" were amazing.

Another very still night at anchor with the pleasant background sound of the river.

I set my alarm clock to see if any bear were on the beach.   Guess what time was low tide...4am.  Ugh!  No bears.