Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Our day fishing near Wrangell

Day 20:  That's why they call it "fishing, not catching".  29-miles

I woke up early today and was looking forward to going fishing; having never caught a really big fish this should be fun. Our friend Stacey Wilson was flying in to join us for a few days aboard Cinnamon Girl.

Wrangell Alaska, famous for salmon & halibut fishing.

The "nose" is a Wrangell fishing hot spot; it does not show on the charts as "the nose" but everyone calls it that since it looks like an elephants trunk, it is technically Woronkofski Point.  The nose sounds better. 

It does look like an elephant trunk.

My log entry reads:

11:40am     Trolling the nose.  1-hr before high slack, bait fish in area, all systems go!

At Noon I called Mike Schoppert, president of American Tug, he was raised here in Alaska.  I told him where we were trolling, that it was high-slack, we were at a tide line and we had good bait fish flashing in the water.  These have always been excellent indicators for finding salmon.  Mike immediately asked if there were any local fisherman or charter boats working the spot...  Nope, just us tourists on Cinnamon Girl!  Dang, there would be others here if it was being productive.

The excitement was incredible, my day to catch a big salmon.

We fished the nose, fished Two-Tree Island for halibut, fished Sokolof Island, back to Two-Tree.  Cinnamon Girl put in a full day of fishing and never had a strike. Did not see another sport fishing boat all day.  Later we talked to the guy at the fuel dock, he would certainly know what is happening.  Apparently it has been quiet for two-weeks, no fish in the area.

Local crabber, typical of the smaller commercial boats around Wrangell.

It was a great day.  I really enjoyed hanging out with Cindy & Stacey.  The weather was perfect.  Totally relaxing, no agenda, no plan, no stress, no fish.  The boat sure stayed clean...no guts, no glory!

Stacey Wilson, former small boat sailor.  He sure loved driving the American Tug!

Stacey's entry in the Cinnamon Girl "bull head derby", it won biggest...