Friday, June 3, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Pruth Bay and the walk over to West Beach

Day 8: Pruth Bay near Hakai Passage.  A beautiful beach.   19 Miles

The next several days are going to be short moves in the boat and much more about exploring the Fitz Hugh Sound area.  It is a fantastic cruising playground.   The charts show a nearly endless collection of fjords and anchorages to investigate. 

We had a leisurely morning and hung around Fury Island Cove until about 9:30 am.  It was really pretty and very tranquil there.  I must admit that I slept in.  There was not a ripple on the water.

Today's destination was recommended by several of the the American Tug owners, in fact it was pretty much unanimous that it was a must see.  Pruth Bay, The Hakai Beach Institute and a walk over to West Beach on the Pacific Ocean side of Calvert Island.

Nice anchorage in Pruth Bay.  Cindy at the wheel.

Pruth Bay is at the head of Kwakshua Channel, seven miles west of Fitz Hugh Sound.  This is the same channel that leads to Hakai Passage, a legendary fishing spot.  Good anchoring in sand, about 42-feet deep.  We are in the middle of three bays and just in front of the Hakai Beach Institute, the new owners of the former fishing lodge.  The Institute welcomes boaters and have made their beach trails available.   They also made their wireless internet accessible, I am using it now!   Thank you for being so friendly.

View from the Hakai Institute docks. 

The Hakai Beach Institute and access to the beach trails.

My main interest in Pruth was the walk to the beach on the Pacific side of Calvert Island.   It turns out there are many beaches, with West Beach and North Beach most popular.  The trails are well marked and nicely maintained.  A walk through the cedars with bridges over the damp spots.  About a half mile in and you will start to hear the surf breaking, then wow!!  

West Beach - click to see full size

That is Japan in the far far background...

White sand beaches, and very few foot prints!

The beach was really special.  In trying to take some good photos I kept thinking what would Kelly do? 

I hope this is not like watching your uncles vacation slide show in the basement.  I remember having to endure that and am aspiring to keep the content relevant.   Tomorrow we are going to explore Ocean Falls.