Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alaska Trip 2011: Side trip into the Broughtons - Lagoon Cove & Shoal Harbour

Day 4:  Lagoon Cove to Shoal Harbour, put out the crab pots - 22 Miles

Lagoon Cove Marina - Bill & Jean's place

After our push up from Desolation and through Johnstone it was time to play!   Bill at Lagoon Cove gave Sam & Diane some of his prawns... and pretty soon Sam was in Bill's little tackle shop looking at the prawn & crab traps.   I picked up a new green 4oz Buzz Bomb for salmon mooching.  Sam bought a folding Dependable Crab Trap, see my related article.  We decided to head for Shoal Harbour and hang out for an extra day so we could test Sam's new crab trap...

Internet access in the Broughton's - Lagoon Cove

Pacifc White Sided Dolphin in Knight Inlet - click to see full size

Knight Inlet was full of Pacific White Sided Dolphins and black Harbor Porpoise.  We saw a bunch of these guys.  The porpoise are a bit smaller and like to play in the bow waves of the American Tugs.  The dolphins go airborne!   Later Billy Proctor over at Echo Bay told me that the dolphins are really taking their toll on the salmon populations, a few dozen of them can herd a school of salmon into a cove and hold them there for weeks eating away the stock.  He reports there are 6,000 of the Dolphins in the area.  I took 88 photos of these guys and managed to get this shot.  I have 87 photos of splashes.

We anchored in Shoal Harbour, the T-shaped anchorage behind Echo Bay.  This is one of my very favorite anchorages.  Good holding and very pretty.  We put out the crab pots.  Good news!  Sam's new trap works. 

Sam and Diane Hill of LaBelle (AT-34 #14) and a few Dungenesss Crab.

We hopped in the dinghies and visited Pierre over at his new location in Echo Bay.  He has done an amazing job with the place in his two years there.  Tove will be up at the end of June.  They have the tent up on the old I-90 float and plan on weekly pig roasts again this year.  We should hold an American Tug mini-rendezvous there in early June 2012?  It is a great place.

Diane with Pierre at Echo Bay.

The Hill's on the left, Maggie & the Bear in center, The Scruggs's on the right.

We ended Monday with a great dinner of salad, dungeness and sourdough bread.  I could take to this roughing it on a boat...