Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Dependable Crab Trap & the Dependable Prawn Trap

These are really good folding crab & shrimp traps.  I have used them for years.

The Dependable Trap Company - Crab trap, prawn is simialar with finer mesh.

A long time ago I bought a Dependable Crab Trap.  Probably ten-years and 200-300 crabs have passed on.  These traps work very well.  Later I picked up a pair of the prawn models, also very productive.

Made near Vancouver, Canada.   I have only ever seen them for sale in British Columbia.  Bill at Lagoon Cove sells them.  Stevetson in Vancouver has them.  Ocean Marine at Campbell River is where I bought mine.   About $70 in steel and $100 in stainless.

Folded - perfect to store on the boat

This is one of their new stainless  crab models.  They make them in standard steel and recently started offering them in stainless for a few extra bucks.  Mine are lightly oxidized, I am careful to rinse in fresh water after using, but I wish they were as shiny as the new stainless crab trap in the photo.

Ideal for your American Tug.

Sam & Diane of LaBelle (AT-34 #14) with a bunch of crab in their new stainless Dependable Trap.  Diane is wearing the you suppose that Sam is going to have her empty it?