Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trip Plan: Exploring SE Alaska? We are here several days early...

Alaska Trip Plan:  Misty Fjords, Wrangell & Petersburg   350-miles

Our original trip plans were solid, well thought out days.  Plans are made to be broken!  You can see them in the earlier blog posts.

We had great weather and the American Tug is so comfortable, we layed down the miles and arrived 4-days ahead of the conservative schedule.  That means we have more time in South East Alaska! 

What to do...go cruise more!  We originally hoped to circumnavigate Revillagigedo Island.  Now it looks like we can add Wrangell, the Anan bear reserve and Petersburg to our itinerary.

The new plan!

Tom Nelson the builder of American Tugs, has sent me some very detailed fishing instructions for the area up near Wrangell, he kept a boat here for years.  My friend Stacey Wilson is flying in on the 14th and we plan to bag some big ones.  Cinnamon Girl is Tom's old boat and is well equipped with trolling valve, power downriggers, salmon & halibut gear, prawn & crab traps.  We have the new tackle that I bought in Prince Rupert.  I am really looking forward to trying that Halibut recipe in my blog on fishing
The new plan adds about 350 miles of exploring to the 700 we have already covered.  This is why we are here. 

Thanks for reading our blog and be sure to tune in for more adventures of Cinnamon Girl.  This is a great boat!   Steve & Cindy

The view out our window changed since last night...  Time to get out of Ketchikan!