Friday, June 3, 2011

The Woodland Power Burner

A perfect high-output crab cooking burner for your American Tug

Sam Hill of LaBelle (AT-34 #14) with a nice catch

Your American Tug has taken you to a great destination, the road less traveled where crab are in abundance.  Now you need to cook them up...  Cooking crab is a bit stinky, and you caught a mess of them. You need the Woodland Power Burner!  It is a really nice all stainless folding cooker.  Very high output at 65,000 btu's.  And just like your American Tug it is built here.  In fact it is built in Woodinville, WA.   I am very  impressed.

All stainless construction

Folds away for easy storage and has a nice case

I like to use a little "Old Bay" seasoning with my crab.  Be sure to bring the water to a full boil, then add the crab.  Cook them for 18-minutes.  Cool the crab with fresh water.   Cook crab in salt water for best flavor, use sea-water or add 1-cup rock salt per couple of gallons.  I also hear that you can steam them and use less water.  I have not tried that technique yet.  

Note that I used a piece of plywood under the stove to dissipate the heat and not damage the fiberglass cockpit. 

Fisheries Supply in Seattle and LFS in Bellingham carry the Woodland Power Burner.  About $130.