Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching Prawns in Desolation Sound

A great week of catching prawns near Cortes Island.

Our most successful year ever!

For the past eighteen years Cindy & I have headed north to Desolation Sound with friends to cruise for a week or two in early August.  The greater Desolation Sound area is a wonderful marine area and offers fantastic cruising.   It is a couple of days journey north of the San Juan's or Gulf Islands.  One of the highlights of the trip is putting out the prawn traps and seeing what we can pull up. 

The Spot Prawns are larger than shrimp and make a wonderful meal.  We generally set the traps in a depth of a little over 300-feet.  Every fisherman has their favorite honey spot, but a good guide is to put your pots near a locals and do what they do.

This is Cindy's new boat, the Mystery Machine, in beautiful Desolation Sound.

The rig I use:
Yellow top float with 75-feet of leaded line
400-feet of 1/4" polypropylene line
2ea 8-oz clip-on lead weights
Prawn trap
Scotty screw top bait jar
Bait pellets

Prawn traps are marked with yellow floats, the second jug is for extra flotation in areas with strong current.

A hose reel is an easy way to store multiple 400-foot lines tangle free.

These Dependable Trap Co. pots fold away for easy storage on a boat.

Ladner makes nice commercial style pots for sports fisherman.   Easy to empty.

Snap a couple of lead weights on the poly line to keep it from floating on top.  Scotty bait jars work great.


The commercial prawn bait is very effective.  It is like oily dog kibble.  Some use cat food.

Power pot pullers were made legal about five years ago.  We are going over 300-feet deep!

For the first ten-years we went prawning the power pullers were not legal, and we pulled the traps hand over hand...  It was great exercise.   The Brutus "Ace" puller is nicely made and fits on to a Scotty Downrigger base and uses the same power jack.  It pulls about 100-feet per minute.  A welcome addition to the Mystery Machine!

Thanks for reading my blog.  Steve