Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let SJY help pay for your American Tug!

San Juan Yachting would like to add a couple of Tugs in their charter fleet

The very best charter fleet in the pacific northwest would like to help pay for your American Tug!

I had a great conversation with Rick Sale, manager of San Juan Yachting in Bellingham, WA. He said they need a couple of tugs and he can keep them working for you. His conservative pro-forma shows that just over half the cost of your tug can be paid by others; and that is before any depreciation or tax advantage is figured in, which can really save you.

Rick sent me the cash flow projections for an AT-41 and AT-34. Lightly pre-owned boats such as Forever Friday (AT-34) or Cinnamon Girl (AT-41) cash flow extremely well. I would be happy to forward these pro-formas, just call 206-321-2164 or email me at:

Let’s get together with Rick and work out the details.

Thank you,   Steve Scruggs, CPYB