Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Product: Saratoga Tys Fender Hangers

Finally... A better fender hanger!

Larger strap w/ twist - Ideal for the larger American Tugs

I have been keeping my eyes open for cool products that enhance the experience of cruising an American Tug.  It is tough to find the "better mousetrap".  I am happy to show you the Saratoga Tys fender holder!

This is far and away the best fender holder I have ever used.  It is quick, easy, and locks on so that you will not lose your new HTM fenders.   It uses quality nylon web material, solid brass sailmakers grommets and a Fastex buckle for security.  There is a even a secondary "twist lock" fastener that backs up the Fastex buckle for redundancy.

Smaller size without twist-lock - Perfect for AT-34/365 fender studs (no twist to mark the gel coat)

The beauty of the design is that it is fast; you can adjust the height easily and Fastex buckle will secure it on a rail or fender stud quickly.

Saratoga Tys have added a variant for storing lines or shore power cords.

Designed and marketed by one of our very own American Tug owners, it is fun to see a local product so well done.   Congrats Kay and Bob!  

Full information at:    They have a spring special that is extended to American Tug News readers.