Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Skagit Sets Sail exhibit at Skagit Historical Museum

New exhibit at the Skagit Historical Museum chronicles the County's maritime past.

Skagit Sets Sail brochure

Download the Skagit Sets Sail brochure here.

This exhibit looks interesting.  The maritime past of La Conner and the greater Skagit County area is important and helped lead to the development of the American Tug.  The County was founded on Agriculture, Logging, Fishing, Shipping and Boatbuilding and continues all of those traditions today.

One of the very first fiberglass boat builders, Skagit Plastics, was founded in La Conner in 1954.  Today the Skagit Valley is home to American Tug, Nordic Tug, Fathom Boats, Janicki Industries, Fibrex Corp, Northern Marine and San Juan Composites all working in Fiberglass.

The Skagit Historical Museum is perched on the hill in the middle of La Conner, and from their observation deck you can see the American Tug facility at the north basin of the La Conner Marina.

General information, hours and exhibit information can be found here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

American Tug launches Certified Pre-Owned program

American Tug is pleased to announce a Certified Pre-Owned program for American Tugs. Buy your next boat with confidence.

AT CPO Logo  - 1st draft

Download our CPO Brochure here.

Our 100-point checklist is a comprehensive review of the American Tugs systems, equipment and condition.
  • 100 point inspection by factory personnel
  • All systems tested
  • Hull & house buffed & waxed
  • Engine maintenance completed to next service interval
  • Mechanics usage & maintenance briefing for buyer
  • Interior & carpets cleaned
  • Woodwork inspected & oiled
  • Batteries load tested
  • Stainless rails polished
  • Current bottom paint & zincs
  • 5-year hull warranty by Tomco Marine to buyer
  • Surveyed by NAMS professional
  • American Tug factory support for buyer
Your new pre-owned American Tug ready for your family’s vacation!

American Tug / Tomco Marine is happy to offer this service to any of our clients boats that are in our factory direct brokerage American Tugs & Trawlers. The CPO program service can be performed by the seller in advance of a sale or by a buyer after the sale of the vessel. Call American Tugs & Trawlers for full information at 360-466-2961.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Open House & Factory Tours

Factory Tours at American Tug

Come visit American Tug in La Conner on February 16!  Open House from 10am till 2pm

Tour the lamination shop, see how the boats are wired and plumbed, tour our new AT-395 hull #6 as she is being finished.  See several boats on the dock, open for your inspection.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 16th.

This event was a great success, and it was fun to see so many people excited about the American Tugs.  If you would like to take a tour give Steve a call at 360-466-2961, we would be happy to show you how these great boats are built.

Monday, February 11, 2013

American Tug 2013 Summer Expedition

Cruise the Central BC Coast with your American Tug.

Cruise with friends in Northern British Columbia.  A loose itinerary allowing lay days, time to explore alone or as a group, to fish, relax and enjoy your tug.

Sullivan  Bay, BC in the Broughton Islands for Canada Day or the 4th of July.  Watch the parade and try the driving range.  July 1-5, 2013.  Many of the AT owners will be gathering up here and ready to start our summer cruise.

Port McNeil, BC.  We are holding a weather briefing and Cape Caution rounding discussion at the Sportsman Pub, Steak & Pizza house.  July 7th, 2013.  Port McNeil is the last place to top up with municipal water, there is a great grocery store and all the services.

Pruth Bay off Fitz Hugh Sound.  July 9th.  A great anchorage.  Hike the trails through the coastal rain forest and see beautiful west beach or north beach, on the Pacific side of Calvert Island.  These white sand beaches are better than Maui.

Ocean Falls is a unique town.  50 year round residents in the former mill town that supported 5,000.  See the abandoned hotel, bar, apartment building and tennis club.  There is a lot of life left here, they certainly make boaters welcome.  We will have a pot luck on July 12, 2013.  See my Ocean Falls photo album here.

Rescue Bay is a wonderful anchorage and perfect for our Star or Wagon wheel raft on July 15th.  Mike Schoppert, President of American Tugs, will be announcing the winner of the American Tug geocaching challenge while anchored here.  This is the final event of our 2013 Summer Expedition and a perfect northern destination, or the jump off point for the Inside Passage route to Alaska.

Download our Summer Expedition Brochure here.

The American Tug Summer Expedition is open to any and all of those in the American Tug family.  Call Steve Scruggs at Tomco Marine to sign up.  Join the fun by calling 360-466-2961 or email steve@americantugs.com

Friday, February 8, 2013

American Tugs are now Factory Direct!

Happy New Year to our American Tug Family
As we celebrate the New Year, we also celebrate some exciting changes at Tomco Marine Group; we are now selling “factory direct”!  American Tugs & Trawlers is now selling direct to American Tug lovers who live in the western United States, western Canada, Europe and all around the globe.  Traditional Yachts, Inc. will continue to represent American Tugs on the east coast.

You will see a familiar face when you visit the factory; Steve Scruggs, owner of Expedition Yacht Sales, is leading our in house sales department; American Tugs & Trawlers.   Steve has sold over 60 new & pre-owned American Tugs and brings a deep knowledge of our products.  His clients have always been very happy with his extreme level of customer service.  We are excited to bring Steve aboard as Sales Manager.

2013 will be a big year at American Tug:  Our new in house brokerage will offer both new & pre-owned American Tugs, watch for American Tugs & Trawlers signs on your favorite boats.  We are introducing a new Factory Certified Pre-Owned program where we perform a 100-point inspection, certification and extend the hull warranty on qualifying American Tugs.  We are leading an American Tug Owners cruise to the Central British Columbia Coast this July.  We are making 2013 a fun year to be an American Tug owner.
Mike Schoppert & Kurt Dilworth
Tomco Marine Group, Builders of American Tugs
Well that is a very cool announcement.  I am the new inside sales guy at American Tug for the west coast.  Call me anytime at 360-466-2961 and let's talk tugs!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

American Tug 435 Hull #6 - Let's build your boat!

We are now building hull #5 for her new owner, let's build #6 for you!  Call Steve

Now time to choose all your colors and options.  We will build your dream boat.  Call Steve Scruggs at 360-466-2961 and let's talk tugs!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tech Talk: American Tug 395 Electrical System

Learn why the American Tug 395 electrical system is so well done.

New American Tug AC & DC electrical panels by Blue Seas.  The Best!

The American Tugs have always  been known for their beautifully engineered electrical systems.  Kurt Dilworth, VP of Engineering at Tomco Marine takes great pride in the quality of their gear and clean installations.  With the AT-395 and the 435 Kurt is able to introduce the new Blue Seas "360" custom distribution panels.  Blue Seas is a local company, located in Bellingham just 25 miles north of Tomco's shop in La Conner, WA.  Blue Seas has become the industry leader by introducing innovative electrical products of the highest quality.  It is wonderful to have them as a neighbor.

The new DC panel has illuminated battery switch controls.

The DC panels allow Kurt to integrate illuminated battery switch controls right into the panel, allowing our owners to turn on or isolate the batteries from the helm station.  This provides instant acknowledgment of switching without having to go into the mechanical spaces, and provides the safety advantage of being able to disconnect the batteries very close to the electrical source.  The remote switches control the house, engine start and automatic battery combiner circuits. 

Batteries and remote battery switches located in the mechanical space under the salon.  Lid is open.

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are located in secure battery boxes in the mechanical space under the salon.  Blue Seas remote controlled battery switches are close by, allowing control and emergency shut off if needed.   The  battery switches feed the DC distribution center located nearby in the same space.

Electrical DC distribution center.

In the same mechanical space as the batteries is the DC electrical distribution center.  This houses the primary DC fuses that feed the DC panel in the pilothouse, the power inverter, dinghy crane and 24-hour circuits (bilge pumps, etc).  The distribution center is a wonderful design as it allow a high quality integration of systems, while keeping it simple and easy for owners to operate.  All elements are clearly labeled and easily identified.  The layout is clean and logical.  All parts are of the highest quality.  Blue Seas electrical components are made in North America and are now the benchmark of quality. 

The AC & DC panels are hinged allowing easy access to the systems behind. 

Two stainless machine screws, unscrewed from their stainless nutserts for a lifetime of dependability, allows access to the wiring and distribution behind the panels.  All wire is pre-tinned stranded yacht cable per ABYC recommendations, for maximum flexibility and corrosion resistance.  Kurt designed these systems for extreme durability.

Electrical distribution center behind the AC & DC panels, accessed by hinged second door.

Lighting circuits are controlled by replaceable automotive style relays for convenient field servicing.  The switches located around the boat for convenience only carry low amperage so as to not burn out or fail prematurely, the actual lighting loads are switched by relays for dependability.  Wires are all labeled and run in organized bundles.  This is the quality of wiring that a boat builder can pride themselves on.  

Please call or email Steve Scruggs with your questions or inquiries on the American Tugs. 

Steve Scruggs
Sales Manager at American Tugs

See interior photos of the AT-395 here.