Wednesday, July 17, 2013

American Tugs visit Namu and Ocean Falls 2013

The American Tug Summer Expedition cruises to Namu & Ocean Falls. 

I last visited these two locations in June of 2011, boy...what a change.  Nature is taking these ghost towns back at a rapid rate.  With rainfall of approximately 170-inches the buildings begin to fail at a rapid rate once the roofs deteriorate.  Both closed over 30-years ago, and maintenance stopped.

These are still very interesting stops along the way, and shed much light on what life on the central BC coast was like in its commercial heyday.

See my photo galleries shot in 2011 here:  Namu   &  Ocean Falls.

The British Columbia central coast offers fantastic boating and endless fjords and anchorages to explore.  It is now as it was when explored by George Vancouver and Alexander Mackenzie.  Fitz Hugh Sound and its tributaries and Fjords is truly gorgeous and remains wild.

We had a great time!


Namu docks shot from the derelict cannery - party barge on the right

Dinner for some of the AT group

Ocean Falls:

Ocean Falls with the operating dam on the right

Link River after coming over the spillway, former town store on left now abandoned

Greeted by Porpoise in downtown Ocean Falls

The Museum with "nearly normal Norman" as tourguide - a slice of the mid-70's life
Town map - buildings & houses in red were bull dozed in the late 70's
Beautiful Link Lake above the dam

Pot Luck in the "Shack" at the town docks, a boater friendly place

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pruth Bay 2013

A big thanks to the Hakai Pass Institute for allowing the American Tug group to explore West Beach via there beautiful trails. 

We all had a smooth rounding of Cape Caution and enjoyed Fury Island Cove and Pruth Bay.

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Lucky Puppy at Fury Island Cove

Big Red anchored

American Tugs anchored at Pruth Bay

Ocean Mistress on the Pacific

Pruth Bay never looked better

Capt Rex making water!
White shell beaches of Fury Island Cove

Ocean Mistress catching!  Limited two days in a row.

Fresh bread and fresh salmon

Thanks to Shawn & Corinne for taking me fishing!

The Catcherman

Somebody has to do it...

The Lucky Puppies


Sunday, July 7, 2013

American Tugs at Sullivan Bay - 4th of July

I wish to thank Chris, Debbie, Susie, Steve, Rob and the whole crew at Sullivan Bay for putting on a great 4th of July event at Sullivan Bay.  You made the American Tug fleet very welcome on your docks.  

Sullivan Bay is a very cool floating home and yacht community located in the Broughton Island Group, British Columbia, Canada.  Swing past in your American Tug, the crew will make you welcome.