Thursday, October 17, 2013

The perfect boat hose

The Ames Reeleasy Hose Cassette         About $50

The Ames Reeleasy Hose Cassette

I have used this product for nearly ten-years and have been totally happy with it.  I think the Ames Reeleasy is the perfect hose for most boaters to keep aboard.

The Ames Reeleasy Hose Cassette comes with 60-feet of 1/2-inch hose.  The hose can be partially or fully extended when in use, is quick and easy to roll up, and best of all...mine has never kinked.

The hose has not left any marks on the gunwale when dragging the hose around the boat.  It has not left a taste in the water system.  Is easy to store in the lazarette.  The reel is all plastic and will not rust or corrode.   This is a product that I have thoroughly field tested!

They sell for about $50.  I bought mine at Home Depot.  Available from Amazon.