Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Your Sticky Windows Slidin'

Dry Film Lubricants work great on boats!

A common spring maintenance item is to get the windows and side doors sliding smoothly.  Dry film lubricants are your answer; an inexpensive and handy item to keep aboard your boat.

Gunk gets caught in the window slider tracks.  No big deal.  Salt crystals, pollution, moss and just plain dirt conspire against free sliding windows.

The  best solution is to flush out the tracks with fresh water, use a small brush and some boat soap if needed. When the tracks dry and you think you are done, just spray a little dry film lube in there and the windows and doors will slide really easily.

What makes the Dry Film Lubricant better...it is dry!  Oils like WD-40 will attract and hold dirt.  Dry lube will not.   It is essentially a PTFE or Teflon spray leaving just the slippery stuff behind.

Teflon is a Du Pont product and available from Amazon for $9.  McLube can be purchased from any good marine store (look in the sailboat hardware section) for about $15.  Blaster PTFE can be found at Home Depot or Amazon for about $6.  There are others out there and I am sure they will all work for this intended purpose.  Click here to see a bunch.