Saturday, August 16, 2014

San Francisco Trip: Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay

Day Eight - Fort Bragg to Bodega Harbor - 92 Miles

The destination is in our sights!  Weather has remained very nice and the miles keep rolling under the keel of our American Tug.  We really enjoyed our daylight layover in Fort Bragg and the working waterfront of the Noyo River. Highly recommended for coastal travelers.

American Tug tied up at Fort Bragg, CA

6:15 AM - Engine pre-flight check completed and we fire up the Cummins QSB-380.  The engine has run great with absolutely no fluids needed and not a drip anywhere.  The vacuum gauge on the Racor fuel filters has never budged.  Perfect.

Meander of the Noyo River with commercial fishing

6:30 AM - We departed the Noyo Mooring Basin.   It is cool to follow the last meanders down the River and out under the bridge.   

Smaller troller as found around the upper coast

6:45 AM - Passed the outer buoys and headed south towards Point Arena.

Point Arena Light as seen from 3 miles offshore

11:50 AM - Slight easterly course adjustment off Point Arena.  Seas are smooth.  We are bucking a .7-knot current.

Our skipper Mike at the helm of his Tug

4:30 PM - Shark!  We spot fins, but cannot get the camera quickly enough.  Later we spotted several sunfish which look like a very large white plastic bag just under the surface.  

Bodega Head and the red buoy

5:05 PM - Arrived at the Red Buoy off Bodega Head.  From here you go westerly to the RW "BA" buoy keeping you clear of Bodega Rock, which had large breaking waves making it easy to spot.

5:45 PM - Fueled up and moored for the night at the Spud Point Marina in Bodega Harbor.

A very easy day on the water.  Tomorrow we head under the Golden Gate and into San Francisco Bay; which is always an exciting port to enter.