Sunday, August 10, 2014

San Francisco Trip: Neah Bay to Westport

Day Two - Our first day on the Ocean heading south - 102 Miles

The weather outlook remains ideal for the foreseeable future.  Over next several days we are going to lay down miles while the window is open.  Today we left the Straits of Juan de Fuca and took the big left turn down the coast, every mile now is distance made good toward our destination of San Francisco. 

Neah Bay skyline illuminated by a "super moon"

5:02 AM - We departed the Makah Marina in Neah Bay under a "Super Moon" which is reportedly 14% brighter than a normal full moon, as the perigee puts the moon and earth closer than at any other time of the year. was like a big lamp illuminating Waadah & Tatoosh Islands as we made our way around the corner.

Tatoosh Island & Lighthouse at sunrise

5:50 AM - Rounded Tatoosh Island at sunrise and entered the Pacific Ocean.  The ebbing tide gave way to the ocean and the water flattened out.  Skies are a bit foggy.  No wind and calm seas.

7:30 AM - Passed Cape Alava, the most westerly point in the 48 contiguous States.  As a kid I hiked the 9-mile triangular Lake Ozette trail and visited Cape Alava, as an adult I have passed it many times on both sail and power boats giving it wide berth.  The first leg beyond Cape Flattery takes us further west past Alava then southerly following the coast 5-10 miles offshore.

Destruction Island Lighthouse - you need to look close

11:05 AM - Passing Destruction Island Lighthouse.  We were 3-miles west of the light.

Mount Olympus, tallest peak of the Olympic Range as seen from the Ocean

4:00 PM - Turned east at Grays Harbor Entrance Lighted Whistle Buoy 3 (G FL 4S Whistle). We arrived during the ebb and a 10-knot westerly wind.  The seas were 4-6 feet at the bar and easy to navigate with the American Tug, we added a little power to give us good steerage which is the beauty of a semi-displacement boat.  Many of the charter fishing boats that work on the coast are Lynn Senour designs like our Tug, perfect for the coastal waters and fjords of the Pacific Northwest.

Westport, WA - Can you spot the cabernet colored American Tug?  Far left.

4:45 PM - Arrived at our slip and tied up at the Grays Harbor Marina at Westport, WA. 

Today was an easy day on the water with smooth seas and excellent visibility.  The boat is running great and handles the seas comfortably.  We have been cruising just a bit faster than the hull speed (1750-rpm vs 1350-rpm displacement speed) which keeps the bow up and applies hydraulic pressure under the hull to provide a rock solid and stable ride.  Either speed is very fuel efficient.

Excellent halibut fish & chips for dinner at Bennett's Fish Shack.  Now to bed early and away at first light heading for Tillamook/Garibaldi tomorrow.