Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hard water & mineral spots on your windows?

Diamond Magic cleaner really works!

Has your boat developed mineral deposits on the exterior windows or shower doors?  Have you have had trouble getting the glass really clean?

Recently we came across a sample of Diamond Magic cleaner in the American Tugs office. One of our staff took it to their boat and tried it on their windows which they were having trouble getting really clean & clear...Like magic the deposits went away.  She had tried many soaps, CLR, FSR, and other polishes previously.

Diamond Magic "water spot & hard surface cleaner"  - 
This product contains real diamond dust.  It is made in Hawaii and sold online.

Some areas have "hard" water, others have "soft" water.  This is a phenomenon that was foreign to me in Seattle as we fortunately had very neutral water.

Hard water feels very strong and harsh.  It has higher levels of dissolved calcium carbonate and other minerals.

Soft water does a poor job of washing away soaps and leaves a residue.  It has lower levels of minerals.

If your area has hard or soft water you will find it tougher to keep your boat clean, either soap scum or mineral deposits can accumulate over time.  The right products will make your maintenance routine more efficient.

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Thank you!  Steve