Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ketchikan to La Conner 2015: A delivery home

Fury Cove to Port Harvey via Port McNeil     101-Miles

Gorgeous weather this morning.  A full moon over the ocean, from Fury Cove we can see the water is flat.  Perfect for rounding Cape Caution and beginning the next phase of this trip,

4:55 AM:  Fired up the furnace, checked and fired up the genset.

5 AM:  Checked and fired up the main engine

5:05 AM:  Rigged the vessel for silent running.  OK; I like submarine movies, we rigged the boat for rounding Cape Caution which means we put stuff away, cleared the chart table of phones, extra chargers, books and other potential flying objects.

Rigged for silent running - notice the flat seas!

5:10 AM:  Anchor up, anchor light off, running & steaming light on, exited Fury Cove.  Winds calm, seas flat, 1-foot swell.

8 AM:  Rounded Cape Caution.  2-foot NW swell, no wind, perfect angle for heading down Queen Charlotte Strait.

Cape Caution - great weather for a rounding

12:50 PM:  We spotted whales 1/2-mile to port, off the NW end of Malcolm Island.

2 PM:  Port McNeil fuel dock.  Put on 191-gallons of diesel.  Said hello to Steve & Jessica Jackman, they have done a great job of making Port McNeil a fun destination when up in the Broughton area. Check out their party platform, new barbecue and expanded guest moorage.

3:30 PM: Departed Port McNeil, destination is Port Harvey.  Should be able to ride the flood current down Johnstone Straits.

La Rose at Port Harvey - Support the locals so they are there when you need them

7:45 PM:  Arrived Port Harvey.  We are the only guests tonight.  George is getting the place ready for the season, the Red Shoe will be opening in a few weeks.  Great to talk with him.