Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ketchikan to La Conner 2015: A delivery home

Rescue Bay to Fury Cove    83-Miles

Today was a grey day, low clouds and sporatic rainfall.  A good day to lay down miles.

6:30 AM:  Engine checked and fired up.  Furnace on.  Weather report is pretty benign.

6:45 AM:  Anchor raised and we motored out of Rescue Bay. Headed South in Mathieson Channel, which is normally gorgeous.  Today with the low clouds we are only able to enjoy that the water is calm.

Reid Passage - A narrow but easy shortcut

8:55 AM:  Entered Reid Passage.  It is a fun but tight shortcut between Mathieson and Seaforth Channels.  Last time through here I pulled out chart 3710, the fine detail chart for this area, this time around we did not have it aboard.  The electronic charts worked fine, but I would have preferred the extra reference.  Offering full disclosure; it is probably the only time I would have pulled a paper chart for the entire trip.

Reid Passage - Chart 3710 looks much better

11:05 AM: Passing Bella Bella the cell phone lights up with messages.  This is the first coverage since Prince Rupert.  Worked for about 5-miles.

12:40 PM:  Turned south onto Fitz Hugh Sound.

4 PM:  Raining hard, 15 knot southerly, small chop.  We had planned to anchor in Pruth Bay and walk out to the sand beaches on the west side of Calvert Island.  As the rain is pretty strong we decided to keep moving south and head for Fury Cove at the south end of Penrose,  this will allow for fast departure in the morning around Cape Caution.  Weather report for tomorrow looks ideal.

Fury Cove on Penrose Island - white shell beach

5:45 PM:  Anchor down in Fury Cove. This is a lovely spot, protected from the Pacifics swell but with a low white shell beach that you can look over from your anchored boat and see the ocean to the west.

Some days on a delivery are not very exciting.  I would have loved to turned north to Ocean Falls, East to Codville Lagoon or Fougner Bay, or stopped and hung at Pruth for several days. All of these are favorite spots and worthy of more time.

Stay tuned: Tomorrow we round Cape Caution and head towards Port McNeil.