Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ketchikan to La Conner 2015: A delivery home

Port Harvey to Cortes Bay    78-miles

An interesting day on the water.  We passed through five rapids in one day, while piloting a motor sailor.

4:50 AM:  Up and at it.  We have to make it 53-miles and through two rapids before reaching Dent & Yaculta.   We need to make an early start.  It is not yet light out.  We will be catching the flood for 1.5-hours, then bucking the ebb until we get to Dent at slack water, then riding the new flood down to Cortes Island.

4:55 AM:  Checked engine and genset.  Fired up the furnace.  Fired up the engine.  No need for the genset today as we are heading out.

5 AM:  Depart Port Harvey.  It is early and we have enough light to see.  Full moon.  Water is flat calm.

Rainbow over Johnstone Straits

8 AM:  Now bucking the tide, we find good current relief by cruising in the 20-fathom line off the north side of Hardwicke Island and make 8.35-knots.

8:25 AM:  Entered Wellborne Channel.

Whirlpool Rapids running 5.2-knots

8:44 AM:  Fun begins!  Whirlpool Rapids is running max ebb at 8:39 AM, we knew this would be poorly timed.  We make it thru at 2.75-knots SOG.  We never raised the engine RPM or took any chances here, it is a narrow channel but has always been kind to me.

Deer along Cordero Channel

9:30 AM:  Again we are making great time working up the shoreline along the south side of Cordero Channel, staying out of the current in 20-fathoms.  Up to 8.7-knots SOG, which is great for an 8-knot boat.

10:15 AM:  Moved thru Greene Point Rapids against the ebb at 4-knots SOG.


12:10 PM:  Entered Dent Rapids.  Slack is supposed to be 12:42 PM.  We saw little current.  I have tremendous respect for Dent and try to always base my timing on this point.

12:25 PM:  Passed thru Gillard Rapids, between Gillard and Jimmy Judd Islands across from Big Bay.

12:38 PM:  Passed thru Yaculta Rapids.  Slack is 12:47 PM.  Again we saw little current.

3:55 PM:  Arrived Cortes Bay, on the southern edge of Cortes Island.

Cortes Bay - SYC Outstation
 Five rapids in one day with an 8-knot boat.  We have moved from Ketchikan to Desolation Sound in 6-days.  Again this is a delivery and not a cruise, but it has been really fun.  Good boat and good friends.