Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ketchikan to La Conner 2015: A delivery home

Lowe Inlet to Rescue Bay (via Kynoch Falls)    104-Miles

After missing the tides the previous we were ready for good day on the water.

The Princess Royal Channel is the next long channel along the Inside Passage and a positive current along its length would be beneficial.  The tidal convergence is near Swanson Bay, and high tide there was going to be around 1:45pm.  Our starting point at Lowe Inlet had a high tide around 1:15AM and a low at 7:15AM, some 55-miles to the north.  Our plan was to leave Lowe Inlet at first light and ride the remaining ebb to Wright Sound and then enter Princess Royal Channel on the flood with a current boost. 

Let's see how the day unfolded:

5:40 AM:  Checked the engine & genset.  Fired up the genset & furnace.  Gerry made coffee.

5:50 AM:  Switched fuel tanks and fired up the main. 

6 AM:  Pulled the anchor and departed Lowe Inlet.

8 AM:  Exited Grenville after hitting up to 9.8-knots SOG!

Scott taking a turn at the helm

9:45 AM: Passed the BC Ferry "Northern Adventure" in Wright Sound and spotted our first whale in McKay Reach.

10:05 AM: Entered Princess Royal Channel

1 PM:  Passed Swanson Bay ahead of slack water, we had boat speeds up to 9.5-knots (SOG), now only 7-knots (SOG) as we began to buck the the remaining flood that was filling from the south end.

2 PM: Entered Hiekish Narrows, decided that we made such good time we would deter via Sheep Passage to the Fiordlands and see Kynoch Falls.

Kynoch Falls in the Fiordlands

5 PM: Kynoch Falls are gorgeous!  This is an area that I would like to take more time and explore further on the next trip.

7:10 PM:  Anchored in Rescue Bay & shut off the engine.  A great day on the water.