Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thermostatic control of Cummins block heater

Easy Heat EH-38 Thermostatically Controlled Device

Water has a unique property; when it freezes it expands.  Most items contract when cooled, but water has this very annoying property that can cause damage to pipes and machinery.

When winterizing a boat, preparing it for the cold winter months, boat owners choose between draining water systems or heating their boats to overcome this freeze.  The decision is based on if they plan to do winter boating.  Our east-coast clients will generally pull their boats from the water and winterize.  West coast boaters enjoy the relatively moderate conditions and boat all winter long.

I have always suggested to my clients that they plug or cover the engine room air intakes so that the winter winds do not allow cold air to enter the machinery spaces.  Put in foam plugs or cover the intakes with shelf liner adhesive film.  Either solution keeps the warm air in the engine room.

Our Cummins engines are equipped with a "block heater"  this is an 800-watt 120-volt heater element that keeps the engine warm.  They are great for winter storage and make the engine very easy to start in cold conditions.  The block heater will keep the engine and its surrounds toasty warm.  The downside is that it is not thermostatically controlled so it is always pulling  6.66-amps or over 19,200-watts of power each day.  Very expensive if left on all winter.

The Easy Heat Thermostatically Controlled Device is the solution!  It will switch on a 1500-watt load automatically at 38-degrees, and switch off at 50-degrees.  Just plug the block heater into the device and use the outlet in the engine room.  She will be warm on those coldest nights.

Easy Heat EH-38 is less then $15 at Amazon.

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