Thursday, March 10, 2016

American Tug 34 & 365 tool box

Tool boxes that fit inside the step cubbies!

Back in the early days American Tug included tool boxes inside the port and starboard pilothouse steps.  It was a great place to keep a collection of tools and commonly used spare parts.  The tool boxes were convenient to access.

This is a surprise to many as few have seen these boxes, or knew their step cubbies were designed to hold a tool box.  It turns out the original owners of the boats often kept the boxes when they were removing their possessions.  Makes sense, as it was full of some of their favorite tools.

We now have found a toolbox that fits in the step.  You will probably want two of these if your AT 34 or 365 does not have a box. The Stack-On PR-16 (red) or PB-16 (black).  Available from Amazon or other retailers.  Don't call Kurt, we did not steal your tool boxes...