Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Product: Killer Crab Knife

It is no secret on the American Tug News that we like to go crabbing.  The whole experience from being on a boat, getting the traps rigged, waiting... and the eventual hauling the pots back aboard and filling a bucket is enjoyable.  The best part is cooking and eating.  It is the middle step where some have an issue; dispatching the little fellas.  Scout Trading to the rescue!

The Killer Crab Knife     $29.95
Fast and easy 

The heavily constructed stainless knife has a thick back bone and comes with a rubber mallet to make the dispatch fast and safe.  Just lay your victim on his back where a crab becomes motionless and quickly split the crab into two pieces so it is ready to be cleaned.

Scout Trading has offered our American Tug clientele 15% off and they include free shipping.  You will want two; keep one at home and another aboard your boat.

Discount code 15OFF  at checkout.  See: