Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Product: Saratoga Tys Fender Hangers

Finally... A better fender hanger!

Larger strap w/ twist - Ideal for the larger American Tugs

I have been keeping my eyes open for cool products that enhance the experience of cruising an American Tug.  It is tough to find the "better mousetrap".  I am happy to show you the Saratoga Tys fender holder!

This is far and away the best fender holder I have ever used.  It is quick, easy, and locks on so that you will not lose your new HTM fenders.   It uses quality nylon web material, solid brass sailmakers grommets and a Fastex buckle for security.  There is a even a secondary "twist lock" fastener that backs up the Fastex buckle for redundancy.

Smaller size without twist-lock - Perfect for AT-34/365 fender studs (no twist to mark the gel coat)

The beauty of the design is that it is fast; you can adjust the height easily and Fastex buckle will secure it on a rail or fender stud quickly.

Saratoga Tys have added a variant for storing lines or shore power cords.

Designed and marketed by one of our very own American Tug owners, it is fun to see a local product so well done.   Congrats Kay and Bob!  

Full information at:    They have a spring special that is extended to American Tug News readers.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Very cool thank you: Painting of Cinnamon Girl

Every once in a while I get reminded of how nice my clients are.

Last month I needed a hand moving Cinnamon Girl back to La Conner following the Seattle Boat Show.  I thought this might be a fun opportunity to spend a little more time with a couple I had met that were interested in the Tugs.  Before the show I asked them if they would be interested in giving me a hand going through the Locks between Seattle and the salt water of Puget Sound, and taking the ride up to La Conner.

We had a great time on the water.  Cinnamon Girl runs beautifully, the weather was wonderful and the tide was with us.  Mount Baker was in her full majesty with a fresh blanket of snow, and as we rounded the north end of Camano Island it looked like you you could see all 10,000 feet of the mountain.  We all enjoyed the day.

A couple of days ago I found a package at my front door.   Wow!!!   I had no idea she was an artist.  They sent a beautiful acrylic of Cinnamon Girl.   

This is exactly why I love my job.  The customers are very cool.

 Thank you so much,     Steve & Cindy

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Camano Troll 31: A great little yacht

Over the past ten-years a dozen American Tug 34 owners have come from the Camano Troll 31.  

The venerable Camano 31 is a great little yacht.  Built to a very high standard and an excellent design.  For many it has been the "proof of concept" that the trawler lifestyle was so enjoyable.  For these owners seeing the details again will be a fun walk down memory lane.

It is a semi-displacement planing hull like the American Tug designs, ideal for exploring the Salish Sea and inside passage waters.  She can comfortably cruise on a couple gallons per hour, or when needed move in the mid-teens to get past adverse current or rough water.

The Camano systems were well installed and always of well chosen high quality gear.  The open salon gives her a feeling of a much larger boat, with wrap around windows by AJR or Diamond Seaglaze.

The "Troll" version has a large upper deck flybridge.  The Camano "Gnome" was built without the flybridge and is much more rare.

Expedition Yacht Sales has two very nice examples of the Camano available presently.  Call Steve at 206-321-2164 to arrange a private showing of:

Murphy's Law - 1999 Camano Troll 31    - Sold!   -  moored in LaConner
Big Sky - 2000 Camano Troll 31   -  Sold!   -  moored in Tacoma

10-2012:  I have sold both my Camano listings.  I would really like to have another nice one to offer my clients.  Call me if you have one to sell.  I am ready to help!

Read Chuck Gould's article on the Camano's from Nor'westing  Nov 2010.

I know these boats very well and really like them.  If you would like to list your Camano for sale, or arrange to see one please call me.  Steve     206-321-2164