Thursday, March 10, 2016

American Tug 34 & 365 tool box

Tool boxes that fit inside the step cubbies!

Back in the early days American Tug included tool boxes inside the port and starboard pilothouse steps.  It was a great place to keep a collection of tools and commonly used spare parts.  The tool boxes were convenient to access.

This is a surprise to many as few have seen these boxes, or knew their step cubbies were designed to hold a tool box.  It turns out the original owners of the boats often kept the boxes when they were removing their possessions.  Makes sense, as it was full of some of their favorite tools.

We now have found a toolbox that fits in the step.  You will probably want two of these if your AT 34 or 365 does not have a box. The Stack-On PR-16 (red) or PB-16 (black).  Available from Amazon or other retailers.  Don't call Kurt, we did not steal your tool boxes...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bread making on board

The Lekue Bread Maker & Tovolo Dough Whisk

Nothing goes better with freshly caught Dungeness Crab than freshly baked bread.  Much of this blog has focused on catching crab, so it only seems logical to now talk about baking bread on board.  I am not the expert on the bread part; I am more the "hunter gatherer", I search for the crab and gather cool galley gadgets for Cindy to try so that I can sample the end product.

Cindy really likes the Lekue Bread Maker.   This is a silicone mixing bowl & baking pan, all in one.  You open the soft silicone bowl, mix the ingredients, let it rise, knead, and bake all in the same vessel.  It makes bread making a single pot meal!  Less to wash, easy in the galley.

We have been using the Lekue both on board and at home since last summer; I wanted to be thorough for this sea trial so I had Cindy bake a lot...  It makes a nicely sized loaf, about the size of a small football.  The crust is wonderful both top and bottom.   It is perfectly sized for a boat oven.

Available from Amazon.  About $35.  

A complimentary product might be the Tovolo Dough Whisk.  This whisk is used to mix the wet and dry ingredients in bread dough, pancake & cake mixes, etc.  It can whisk, cut the dough and scrape a bowl edge.

We have not tried this item but it was suggested by a friend.  All stainless construction and cheap at $10.  At Amazon and other retailers.   Cindy's latest gadget arrives later this week.

Update:  The Whisk arrived and Cindy loves it.  She said it worked great and it is a keeper.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hull Lamination Time Lapse Video

We just shot this cool time lapse of the lamination of a new American Tug 365 hull.  Start to finish the hull takes 9-days.  There are over twenty laminated parts that make up a complete AT365.  In total the boat will take 16-weeks to complete and will have over 1,100 parts.