Tuesday, January 20, 2015

American Tugs at Seattle Boats Afloat Show

Come and see us from January 23rd thru February 1st   January 31st 

The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl! The show closes a day early.

January 2015 location

Three American Tugs on display.  Our tugs are located Just inside the south entrance.

See the new American Tug 485 at the show

See the new American Tug 485 at the show

See the 2005 American Tug 41 Justatug at the show

See the 2005 American Tug 41 Justatug at the show

See the newly updated American Tug 365 at the show

See the newly updated American Tug 365 at the show

Come and see us.  Order your new American Tug at the show for show only savings!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cruise to Alaska in 2015 with American Tugs


It is time to go to Alaska with your American Tug friends.  2015 is the year!

We have planned an Alaskan Adventure with Mark Bunzel and his Waggoner Flotilla Cruising trips.  Those that made one of his three cruises this past summer all had a great experience.  We want to draw on his unique expertise for a fun and well executed cruise to Alaska.

American Tug’s Waggoner Flotilla Trip to Alaska
May 16th – June 5th, 2015

Complete information at www.americantugexpeditions.com

We are very pleased to offer the American Tug Owner’s Group a special flotilla trip program to SE Alaska. We call this a program because it includes:
  • Planning Kit with 3 Douglass Cruising Guides covering BC and SEAK, Inside Passage Planning Maps, 2015 Waggoner Cruising Guide, 2015 Ports & Passes, and Local Knowledge books.
  • 3 day Seminar program in March or April
  • 3 Week One-Way Flotilla from Anacortes to Ketchikan with events at a number of locations. Some dinners are group pot-luck dinners. Some are at the most popular marina restaurants on the Inside Passage. We include a “All you can eat – crab and prawn dinner” at Pierre’s Echo Bay Lodge and Marina in the package. All other dinner events are optional and paid for by each boat.
  • All arrangements with marinas are pre-reserved and coordinated for advance notice and potential weather delays. Owners are responsible for their own moorage.
  • Flotilla leader Mark Bunzel will lead the trip providing individual daily briefings including weather and suggested routing with  coordination for all participants. On going communication with all participants before and during the trip. There are also typically 2-3 check-in phone calls with the participants before departure.
  • Flotilla participation is priced at $2500 per boat. A 50% deposit is due upon sign-up. Planning Kits will be shipped and seminar registration confirmed upon first payment. 50% due 60 days prior to departure.

Let’s join Mark for his first trip of 2015 to Alaska.  www.americantugexpeditions.com

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hard water & mineral spots on your windows?

Diamond Magic cleaner really works!

Has your boat developed mineral deposits on the exterior windows or shower doors?  Have you have had trouble getting the glass really clean?

Recently we came across a sample of Diamond Magic cleaner in the American Tugs office. One of our staff took it to their boat and tried it on their windows which they were having trouble getting really clean & clear...Like magic the deposits went away.  She had tried many soaps, CLR, FSR, and other polishes previously.

Diamond Magic "water spot & hard surface cleaner"  -  http://diamondmagic.com 
This product contains real diamond dust.  It is made in Hawaii and sold online.

Some areas have "hard" water, others have "soft" water.  This is a phenomenon that was foreign to me in Seattle as we fortunately had very neutral water.

Hard water feels very strong and harsh.  It has higher levels of dissolved calcium carbonate and other minerals.

Soft water does a poor job of washing away soaps and leaves a residue.  It has lower levels of minerals.

If your area has hard or soft water you will find it tougher to keep your boat clean, either soap scum or mineral deposits can accumulate over time.  The right products will make your maintenance routine more efficient.

If you hear of a great product please let me know at steve@americantugs.com .

Thank you!  Steve