Sunday, March 23, 2014

Great Upgrade: DMK Electronics

Thinking of upgrading your electronics on your earlier American Tug 34?  DMK Yacht Instruments has a couple of enhancements to consider:  The WiFi Bridge and the Analog Engine Gateway.

The DMK 11A WiFi Bridge will wire to Raymarine Seatalk instruments as well as other protocols and send the data to an iPad, Windows tablet or PC.  The data can then be displayed on software like Coastal Explorer, or iNavX.

The Bridge has inputs for Raymarine Seatalk, NMEA 0183 (2 ports), and NMEA 2000.  It can wire to any or all of these input ports and will send the data out in a WiFi stream to multiple devices.  It can be a great way to add an AIS display or backup chartplotter.

The DMK AEM14 is an Analog Engine to NMEA 2000 gateway.  In short, the box will wire to your pre-electronic Cummins engine and send out its data to a NMEA 2000 network.  The AEM14’s engine data can be seen on any wired NMEA 2000 devices or on wireless devices when paired with the DMK 11A.

Currently one of our northwest American Tug 41's is adding the Engine Gateway allowing full engine data to be displayed on an IPad.  Several of our local boats have been enjoying the WiFi Bridge.

Contact Kevin Dolan of DMK at 206-450-5037 or